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​簡介 Introduction

Even though National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) was built early in 1895 and has nearly 7000 employees now, National Taiwan University Hospital Union (NTUHU) was not established until 2018, which was recognised as one of the most iconic events in the history of medical profession. Since then, NTUHU has been committed to eliminating workplace irregularities, improving employee’s benefits, and enhancing health care quality in NTUH.

​成員與組織 Membership and Leadership of NTUHU

We now have 250 members, including nurses, pharmacists, administrators and doctors working in NTUH, and our Union also runs a core team to deal with complaints from clinical healthcare workers and to negotiate with the management for labor rights. The team is composed of a group of experienced nurses and a freshman secretary.


​孫韶駿 Shao-Jun Sun

Shao-Jun Sun, the President of NTUHU, not only holds a Master of Nursing from National Taiwan University but also works as an experienced surgical nurse.


​郭豐慈 Feng-Tzu Kuo

Feng-Tzu Kuo, the Consultant of NTUHU, with six-year experience as an emergency department nurse, is currently under a master’s degree of Nursing and is researching nurses' labor rights.


​白紹煒 Shao-Wei Pai

Shao-Wei Pai,one of directors of our Union, is a passionate nurse taking care of patients with infectious diseases. He also devotes himself to listening to unfavored circumstances of healthcare workers with enormous patience.

 The above-mentioned members are all voluntary, but we also have a full-time secretary as a key person.


​王棋筠 Chi-YunWang

​Chi-Yun Wang, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese literature from Fu-Jen Catholic University two years ago, is the only secretary of the Union. During off-duty hours, Chi-Yun is now undergoing credit courses in the department of Law at Soochow University.

 NTUHU members usually collaborate with Taipei Doctors Union to strive to improve working conditions and labors’ participation in management level.

​財務 Finance of  NTUHU

It is vital that NTUHU raises its funds neither from the government nor from specific politicians. Instead, these 250 members provide individual  financial support to ensure the core value of independent operation.

Although the members of the Union are in a relative minority in the hospital, we have brought considerable influences in the past three years. However, we are looking forward to a continuously growing number of members which allows the Union to be more strengthened and prosperous to advocate for a more sufficient workforce and a better workplace for all NTUH’s employees.

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